Ricardo Ramirez



With the rebelliousness of a true artist, he was never attracted by the ease and the massiveness of "Modern Art", and less with the overwhelming religious and distractive authoritarianism with which the great cultural institutions induced to follow that unique and exclusive view of art. , the "official art". With courage and despite the cost, he became an outside artist.

On one occasion he told a student; "To be an artist in any society ... is to be an" outcast "is to be outside the system that she has created, because from your analytical gaze and your deep desire to live, you question her and transgress her norms, trying to go further. There will always be a part of you in which you will feel that you are alone, because the world advances much further than you. But, if you are an outside artist ... you will not only be a pariah of society but worse, a "pariah" among your peers".

Even so, he led along with a few others, since 1991, the current of resistance to official art (conceptual, VIP, and abstract), with the realization of exhibitions in the few places where figurative art was allowed and teaching, training new artists at the Royal Art Academy that he founded and currently chairs, thus contributing to the new current currently known as "Contemporary Realism".

By Leticia Reyes. Artist Painter


"Ricardo Ramirez immerses us in his realistic view of art Faces, people, places and objects with emotional significance are the pretext to display through stains and micro-stains of real colors and illusions of color achieved through grays tinged with glazes , its raw but fascinating aesthetics full of subtleties, elegance and little plastic mastery.

It is an invitation to make a high "stop", stop the automatic and unconscious mental association of everyday life and give yourself a space to enter the world of subtle, very subtle perceptions that, treated with so much trade, inevitably evoke in the aesthetic experience , an emotion, that calls to the interior and moves for its transcendental architecture.

We managed to perceive a superior structure that underlies every image such as the scaffolding of the composition, triangles, radial spirals, tension lines, etc., subordinated to the "golden section" Phi are the guidelines that determine the "focal point, attention center and give value to each spot of color. All adjusted to a "higher-high" key with which he manages to distance himself from any relationship or comparison with the "higher-low" key that guided the Baroque artists, because his work is clearly Contemporary. "

By A Lépert. Art critic

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