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Artistic Biography

*He was born in Santiago Chile 1979

*At age 13, he began formal art studies at the experimental School of Art Education with the teachers Roberto Geisse, Nelson Lagos and Sergio Leay. With Iván Godoy begins his studies of Martial Arts and Zen.

*With 16 years it finishes its average education, titleholder Artistic Technician Mención Painting

*At 17 he gives a special entrance exam to the University, before a commission of academics; which approves and allows you to enter directly to 2nd year of the Bachelor of Arts Degree.

*During his period of study he received a scholarship from the Andes Foundation and studied a Bachelor of Arts in Painting at the University of Chile, with the colorful teacher Augusto Barcia and the conceptualist Gonzalo Díaz.

*In 1988, with the sponsorship of Humberto Nilo, Director of the Faculty of Art of the University of Chile, he began to take painting classes at the Cultural Corporation of the Illustrious Municipality of La Cisterna.

*Participates in the creation and coordination of the artistic project, and promotes a cultural agreement between the University of Chile and the Municipality of La Cisterna.

*Study with the French by Michael Valeri, ancient techniques of the great masters from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century In 1991, he created the Academy «Real Art, School of Objective Art»

*In 1992, he teaches extension painting workshops in the Faculties of Medicine, Theater, Law, Engineering and Architecture, University of Chile. Three articles are published in the magazine "Claridad" of the University of Chile. "Art and Technique"

I*n 1993, he is founder of the School of Art of the Illustrious Municipality of La Cisterna. It supports the coordination and development of the «Meeting of Latin American Popular Theater» (ENTEPOLA). It also creates an agreement with the University of Chile and its Art Faculty so that students with a true vocation could enter directly to said university without more requirements than to approve the exams in the School of Art of the Illustrious Municipality of La Cisterna.

*In 1996, he created «Arte Real Ltda.».

*In 2000, Real Art was renamed the International Painting School.

*From 2001 to 2004 I work with the Art Gallery "Contacto" in more than 40 group exhibitions throughout Chile.

*In 2008 Participates in permanent collective exhibition March Gallery ARTIUM

*In 2009 and 2010 he sells all his production to the Rugendas Gallery of the public auctioneer Gustavo Letelier Urzua R.N.M .: 1025

*In March 2013, he organizes and participates in the collective exhibition, "FIGURATIVO" in the DCB Gallery

*In December 2016, Solo Exhibition, "Contemporary Realism" in Casas de Lo Matta

*His works are in national private collections such as Esteban Videla and international collections that includes the United States, Israel and Portugal.

"Realism because it is true, it is beauty, it is honest, with its aesthetics and ethics,..."

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